Family of girl, 18, found dead beg for author of mystery letter to come forward

A grieving woman is appealing for a mystery letter writer to come forward as she tries to piece together how her younger sister died.

Amy Reid is desperate for answers after little sister Shona Gillan, 18, was found dead in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, on March 6, admitting it’s the “only thing keeping me going”.

After starting a social media campaign, putting up posters and handing out leaflets around the local community, an anonymous letter was suddenly posted to her family home.

She said the handwritten note, sent through first class post, was unsigned but contained “significant information” about Shona’s death, reports Belfast Live.

Amy and her family are now pleading for the person to come forward and speak to the police.

She said: “On Saturday, we received a hand-written letter that came through first class post, which contained significant information regarding Shona, but it was not signed with a name.

“We just want this person to come forward and speak to the police.

“This is the first person to come forward with information like this. We just want this person to know there is nothing to be scared of, it would really help our family if they could come forward.”

Shona had been missing four days before her body was discovered, having last spoken to her family around 11.40pm on March 3.

She was found dead at Six Mile Water, close to Riverside in Antrim.

Amy said: “It is a nightmare, I am always down trying to find my own answers and investigating myself, it is the thing that is keeping me going, I just feel a bit helpless.

“It is coming up to three months since she passed and we are hoping that we will be able to get more answers in June.

“It would not have been like her to go off on her own somewhere like that, she was scared of the dark and would get her daddy to turn the landing light on for her if it was too dark.

“We just hope that someone will come forward to the police with more answers so we can find out what happened to my sister.”

The PSNI is trying to provide the teenager’s family with answers and is appealing for anyone who saw her to get in touch.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

Inspector Buchanan said: “As part of our investigation into the circumstances of her death we are keen to establish when and where Shona may have entered the water and to give her family those answers.