Family torn apart and living in Travelodge after devastating tumble dryer fire

A family has been torn apart after their tumble dryer caught fire and destroyed their kitchen forcing them in a Travelodge.

Emma and David Worth say they and their five children were lucky to escape with their lives after the blaze.

The machine caught fire at their home in Castleford, West Yorkshire in the early hours of March 6, reports YorkshireLive.

David heard the smoke alarms going off and ran downstairs, where he found the tumble dryer alight.

One of the couple’s daughter then started screaming as she could see the flames coming out of the back door from her bedroom.

“We just got everyone out and rang the fire brigade,” mum Emma said.

The fire destroyed the entire kitchen, which she and David had filled with appliances during three years living in the rented house.

They lost an American-style fridge-freezer, a dishwasher, the tumble dryer and an Apple computer in the fire.

The family were forced to move out of their home into a Travelodge at the Ferrybridge interchange on the M62.

They have been staying for the past two and a half months – and counting.

Emma said: “We had wanted to start the process of buying but the extent of what it’s going to cost us to replace everything that we lost.

“We’ve lost probably about £4,000.

“The dryer company, Candy, offered us £2,000 to cover what we lost in the kitchen but obviously the additional cost of living in a hotel.

“We’re having to buy takeout or restaurant every day because we can’t do a shop and we can’t cook.

“We’re relying on family and things like that. So obviously that’s eaten into the savings that we did have.

“We have sought advice and a solicitor told us they only have to offer us 40 per cent of the loss so we’re not expecting to get much more.”

The move into the Travelodge has also forced the family to break apart, with three of the four children who were living at home now moving out.

Emma explained: “We’re in the middle of the motorway on a roundabout so obviously it’s not convenient for anyone.

“Trying to get the children to school is definitely not easy and the kids can’t drive so they can’t get anywhere.

My daughter has moved in with her boyfriend, and my step-son has moved in with his dad and my youngest daughter, who is 12, is living with a family member.”

Work to rebuild the kitchen is not due to be completed for some time but Emma has managed to find some temporary accommodation, starting in June.

The family’s landlord has now told them the house will be sold within six months though, meaning they might never return to their home.

“I genuinely don’t think we’re going to get to move back in,” said Emma.

“It’s really sad because it’s our family home.”